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Test Questions For Gmrc 5.rar

Test Questions for GMRC 5

GMRC stands for Good Manners and Right Conduct, a subject that teaches students the values and skills they need to become responsible and respectful citizens. GMRC is taught from kindergarten to elementary level in the Philippines, and it covers topics such as setting goals, patience, industriousness, pakikipagkapwa-tao, responsibility, and more.

If you are looking for test questions for GMRC 5, you can find some online resources that can help you review and practice your knowledge. Here are some of the websites that offer GMRC 5 test questions:


  • : This website provides an interactive worksheet that you can fill in online or print out. The worksheet has 10 multiple-choice questions about setting goals and patience, two of the main topics in GMRC 5. You can also check your answers and get feedback on your performance.

  • : This document contains sample quizzes for GMRC, with questions ranging from definitions, general manners, mealtime etiquette, and more. The document has 14 questions, some of which are multiple-choice and some of which are open-ended. You can use this document as a guide to create your own quizzes or to test yourself.

  • : This website offers flashcards that you can use to study and memorize the key terms and concepts in GMRC 5. The flashcards have words such as industriousness, mañana habit, pakikipagkapwa-tao, responsibility, and more. You can also play games and take tests using the flashcards to enhance your learning.

These are some of the online resources that you can use to find test questions for GMRC 5. You can also search for more websites or books that offer GMRC 5 test questions or review materials. Remember that GMRC is not only a subject that you need to pass in school, but also a way of life that you need to practice every day.

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