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Mafia 2 Skidrow Crack Free 11

i am having trouble installing mafia 2. i get the error when trying to mount the disc. so i go to the discs folder and rename the files so that they are the originals. i start the game, but it says that the disc is corrupted, and then it says there is a problem with the disc. if there is a way to fix this i would love to know. thanks

mafia 2 skidrow crack free 11

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i just want to go and buy a really heavy hummer and smash the god damn machine because everything is running great except the game i want to play on my free time. what would you suggest to try next before i proceed to the previously described action please any suggestion would be much appreciated

its a really great game, i didnt have time for old games anymore so it was my birthday and i wanted something really good for it, so i got mafia 2, and i had a blast playing it. only thing i regret is that i had to pay for it through my credit card, i should have gotten it for free. even the free trial version was too frustrating and the story wasnt interesting enough to keep me going. i cant wait for you to finish the game and so i can play the sequels.

this is the first game in the mafia series. it was released in 2009. the main character is named tommy vercetti. tommy is a rookie mafia member. tommy is a highschool drop out who needs to get into the mafia to get money so he can get out of the poor neighborhood he lives in. mafia 2 download was bad, and i hate this game, it was ok for the first 2 hours then the game got really bad, i thought this game was going to be fun, but it was not, i wanted to quit the game, but it was to late, its a very long game, with a lot of glitches and bugs. my fave things are the houses, the streets, and all the cars that you can steal. overall its a bad game.

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